You are currently viewing Best quality white Statuario marble, Top collection of India by The Infinity Luxurious Imported Marble Kishangarh

Best quality white Statuario marble, Top collection of India by The Infinity Luxurious Imported Marble Kishangarh

Statuario Marble is a luxurious and premium quality marble that is widely sought after for its pure white background and grey veins. It is one of the most popular types of marble used in homes, offices, and commercial spaces for flooring, countertops, walls, and other decorative applications. Kishangarh is a renowned hub for marble and granite in India, and if you are looking for Statuario Marble in Kishangarh, you can find the best price at THE INFINITY by Bhandari Marble Group.

Suiting every type of decor, Statuario is one of the finest marbles. Found in the mountain quarries of Italy, this marble has a high demand and limited availability. It has a unique set of aesthetic properties through minimal veins and undertones is what makes this marble a must-have. Executing the features of opulent luxury with timelessness, Statuario is the new-age Makrana Marble.

Its versatile designs allow it to have dynamic applicability, from the indoors to the outdoors. Statuario has sheen transparency with a compact structuring. Right from historic times, Statuario has been used to even carve sculptures from a single block. Many of Michelangelo’s and Antonio Canova’s works are a reflection of Statuario’s impeccable usage.

One of the best things about buying Statuario Marble from THE INFINITY by Bhandari Marble Group is that you can get the best price without compromising on the quality. They offer competitive prices for their products, and you can be assured that you are getting the best value for your money. Moreover, their team of experts can guide you in choosing the right marble product for your project and offer helpful tips on maintenance and care to ensure the longevity of the marble.

  • This is another finest marble in the world.
  • The quarry is at the top of the mountain and that is why it is quite difficult for people to make it available for everyone. It is also rare to find Calacatta marble.
  • For the maintenance of this marble, skilled people are required to install and bring it into use.
  • The meaning of the “Statuario” is something that resembles the tattoo.
  • The appearance is almost the same as the Calacatta. Veins of gray color and thin patterns on the surface make it visually appealing.
  • If we talk about the application, then it is best for kitchen countertops, flooring, and bathrooms.

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