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From classic to the most modern and minimalist styles, it suits all types of projects. White marble has always been synonymous with elegance, luxury and premium quality, values that are back on trend every year. Statuario marble is a sought-after natural stone because of its stark white hue and eye-catching pattern. It’s crucial to remember that such a priceless and opulent purchase does come with responsibility. Sophisticated style: Marble is a classic stone material that will instantly elevate the decor of your home.


  • Calacatta gold marble is steeped in heritage.
  • Calacatta marble is considered superior is due to whiteness and patterns.
  • Calacatta marble is the Italian marble famous for its dramatic design, durability, purity, and beauty.

Calacatta Gold Italian Marble is a premium quality marble also known as Calacatta Gold Marble. It is a bold and beautiful marble having origin Apun Mountains near Carrara, Calacatta gold marble comes with shiny white color with a deep grey golden pattern on it. Calacatta marble is a category of Italian marble with a crystalline structure.


One of the most recognizable and expensive Italian marbles, Carrara Marble comes in many colors of white and grey. A wide range of ceramic tiles, wall tiles, and intricate designs are available to create stunning marble benchtops, waterfall reefs, marble floors, and accent walls across both residential and commercial spaces. White Carrara marble is also available as marble slabs and marble tile in refined and honed finishes.


Michelangelo Marble Is The Hardest Marble. The Long-Term Durability Of Michelangelo Marble Requires No Maintenance. Michelangelo Marble Is Zero Cavity Marble. Michelangelo Marble Slabs Do Not Require Any Surface Treatment. Only Michelangelo Marble Is Cut And Simply Polished. Dark rivers carve their way through a peach desert, projecting the raw image of nature onto your interiors. Transform your home into a piece of fluid art with this variation of imported Michael Angelo marble from our Premium Collection.


Lasa Marble is known for its exceptionally pure, snow-white color. It is comprised of crystallized calcium and is believed to be something like four hundred million years old. In contrast to other marbles, Lasa marble is particularly resistant to frost and other adverse weather conditions as well as to the salt used on icy winter roads. It is very versatile and is beautiful, practical and highly functional. Lasa marble is a pricelessly beautiful natural material with exceptional, exquisite, unique characteristics.

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