All about Vietnam white marble

As the name suggests, Vietnam White Marble is a natural stone imported from Vietnam. The color of this marble is pure white and is considered the whitest marble in the world. Most designers and homeowners think this marble is the best, which is why this natural stone is always in high demand.

The luxurious look that this natural stone has makes it stand out from the competition. We can say, no other marble can beat the beauty of this marble. So, if you are also looking for home renovation ideas or planning to install white marble in your new home, then this white marble should be on top of your list.

To learn more about this marble, you should read this content until the end. Below, you will get to know everything you need to know about this type of white marble.

About Vietnam White Marble

This white marble is famous for its shining white surface, which is why this is the most popular choice of many homeowners. This marble comes in different colors, sizes, designs and patterns. It adds beauty to your home as it is a good option for Flooring, tabletops, countertops, etc. This white marble can make stains and other damages invisible, keeping its beauty intact if used as a kitchen countertop.

The elegance, beauty and rich look of this marble are unmatchable. So, this is what one of the luxurious white marble can bring to your home. Several other reasons make this white marble the popular choice of many designers and homeowners, especially for Flooring.


Vietnam White Marble price starts from 250rs per sqft to 750rs per sqft. We can provide you Vietnam White marble in every thickness in our ready stock and all other sizes we can give to our customers at customizing orders. Vietnam White Marble is also famous for its different types of art and handicrafts. Different types of Vietnam White Marble are available and used as worldwide. We provide the best quality of Vietnam White Marble.


Flawless Vietnam White Marble Cozy and Charming Vietnam White Marble are highly liked by homeowners and designers for their exceptional whiteness, sparkling and glossy surface, as well as strong structure. The sophisticated and luxurious look that Vietnam white marble possesses is what sets it apart from other natural stones. The purest white marble and regarded as the epitome of elegance infused luxury, Flawless White’s fine grain, and glossy finish make it a universal favorite. The perfectly flirtatious blending of black with the startling backdrop of chaste white marble lends flawless Vietnam white marble a superlative and sensual appeal. Perfect for floorings, these can be used for accentuating the interiors. Suitable for residential as well as commercial applications, this marble is bound to make your interiors stand out.

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Vietnam White Marble flooring, Wall Cladding, Staircase, Monuments

Vietnam white marble is praised for its white and glittering surface. When used as a kitchen counter, flooring, elevation, etc. Vietnam white marble will, over time, make stains or etch invisibly. You will be surprised to notice some scratches caused by cutting on the surface will significantly fade and blend into the surface and patterns of the white marble. Set aside the fear that your kitchen will feel too cold with white marble walls, cabinets, and countertops, wood-and-white is the right answer. Wood brings warmth to kitchens in colder regions, while white marble countertops, flooring, elevation, etc. keep things bright. Create an impressive kitchen of a white marble countertop, flooring, elevation, etc. with wood storage drawers and cabinets of brown or beige color depending on the whiteness of your countertop. It will surprise any guest that comes into your kitchen.

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